Your Opinion: Midnight Club: LA

So what do you chaps think of this racer?


I'm after a fun racing game with a big open map and this looks like it could be it. Its had some good/mixed Youtube reviews, but what was your opinions on this game?


I don't want TDU or TDU2 or Burnout or some other crap.


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I thought it was okay haven't completed it though as It was very difficult but I only scratched the surface with this game.

Older game but a very good one.


It's a lot like the original "Need 4 Speed Underground" where you modded your cars and suuped them up.


It does a good job of putting the action on screen.  makes it feel like a big racer, like "Burnout 2" managed to do.


Races are difficult so you're not guaranteed a win and pink slip races mean you're really putting your car on the line.


Enjoyable for it's Single Player and MP was pretty fun too.


The "Complete" edition can be found for about £ 15.00.


If you can't afford "Farcry 3" there are worse games you could throw your money at.



It's  been a while since i played it but i'd say it was one of my fave racers.   As far as i can remember the city did seem to be more" alive".   Not sure how the online side will be now but there was a custom paint job and you could buy and sell these cars.  Good game overall.

Its a good game, I stuggled with it though and found it very difficult.

I love my racing games but like others have said I struggled with the difficulty to the point where it wasn't fun, just became frustrating and I gave up which is a pity because at first it looked and played really well.