Your favourite Xbox One game so far?

Now lets not have any stupid arguments like ... "This game is better than that one because" ... because this is different for everyone.

I'll put the question a different way, if you could only play one game from your collection from now until the next game you want is released, which one?, for me it's ...

Forza 5

For me personally I've been spoilt for choice on Xbox One so far, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Plants Vs Zombies to name but a few, in fact these 3 titles have put a bigger smile on my face for sheer fun than Forza but with Forza it's always a title I go back to, almost at 150 hours time driven so you can see I like it a lot lol and I know it's a game I'll play right up until Forza 6 lands on how doorstep.

What about you folks?


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If i ended up stuck with one game for a while i'd probably have to dig battlefield 4 back out lol

It's not my favorite game by a long shot but as much as i love the other games i find myself needing a break from em a bit more, Dead Rising however has been large amounts of fun and would probably take it for me tho i haven't played Ryse just can't get over the possibility of it turning very repetitive, (parry neck stab parry neck stab parry arm slash parry neck stab) just waiting on the right deal ;)

I only have Forza 5 and Titanfall. And I played the Deadrising 3 demo.

Really enjoy Titanfall at the moment when I get the chance to play it, and Forza 5 is a nice change of pace.

Uninstalled Deadrising 3 after 10 minutes.

My next game to get is PvZ GW. It looks incredibly fun.

Killer Instinct for me - it's the only game that truly seems to keep me entertained for hours on end as well as challenge me and frustrate me to seemingly no end. That and I can really spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of each character and practicing new tech and combos. Now, if only my opponents weren't such arrogant douchebags...

Being a big fan of fighting games, holding high ranks in at least 3 other fighting games, and having played those fighting games for many months on end, I think I would do just fine with KI ;)

Too bad it's the only fighter available on the Xbox One, though. :|

@ LTA ..

Are you based in the UK? if so and your still interested in Ryse: Son of Rome, keep an eye out at your local GAME next week ( if you have one near you ) apparently it will be on offer in there in some sort of bargain sale.

if Ryse goes on sale i may pick it up!! cheers lofty.

As for my favourite game, my 'goto' is always battlefield 4.

LEGO hobbit was an awesome blast in local co-op though

Yeah i am in the UK so i will defo keep an eye out for it, i know deals are coming because Ryse is only 27 quid pre-owned in grainger games.... sitting here waiting tapping my fingers together like an evil mastermind lol

Easily "Ryse: Son Of Rome".

Best looking and most entertaining game released this new generation.

When you become one with the controller and start performing your stikes perfectly and your executions automatically you achieve a sublime gaming experience.

^ No worries folks.

If one or both of you pick up Ryse eventually and fancy some co-op anytime give us a shout.

I'd say Assassins Creed 4. There is soooooooo much to do in that game its ridiculous. I also love sailing the high seas and plundering ships, even moreso during storms.

^ My favourite parts of AC4 was just sailing about, plundering ships etc, excellent stuff.

I'd be more than happy with a game just based around your ship, fighting others, trading, upgrading etc.

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