Your e3 predictions

I am hoping to get more info about msg 5 release date, hopefully see something about the new gears from black tusk and hoping for an xbox one price drop.


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The price drop is unlikely because it's simply too soon, I think.

My prediction is that we're all going to see something that's new, hasn't been done before, and is going to blow our socks off! Still, I've been wrong before - I guess we'll just have to wait and see... ;)

I will be sure to wear socks on June 9 then.  My prediction is 3 long-awaited sequels(or what ever 3rd, 4th or possibly 5th-quels are called) and 2 brand new POW-right-in-the-kisser IPs and a bunch of Kinect stuff. Also some previews of DX12 most likely in conjunction with one of the 2 POW new IPs and 1 or 2 of the -quels.

>edit< POW is not an acronym but an onomatopoeia.

I'm hoping to get some news on the new halo title. As bold as it may be, I believe there will be some sort of news regarding backwards compatibility or some type of emulator for previously released Xbox 360 or maybe even Xbox original titles.

It will be so great that Xbox one haters will feel the need to troll Xbox forums more than what we got usually....(It already start since Microsoft announced their press conference).

For the rest of my predictions,i might be wrong.

Let's see....(Crystal ball on).....Halo (5),Gears of war teaser,the comeback of PGR,Crackdown 3,gameplay for Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break,Fable Legends,Below,D4.Plus new IPs,release date for Project Spark and Minecraft,XBL announcements (features/updates),some Xbox 360 news,Indies games and....and....(Crystal ball off)....Arf.

Games games games!

I am just hoping for confirming some release dates of games we know about, fable and evolve will do me, the rest is gravy.

we will see games.... <drops keyboard> :walks away:

no seriously...  Battlefront is known... I guess we will see cloud computing on a gaming level... as well as some DX12 work comparisons... some new "abilities" of the kinect... a ton of release names for the next 12 to 24 months...Halo... an announcement about streaming games.. possibly XB and 360 versions...  removal of some apps behind a pay wall....   which is silly...  you need XBL to enjoy the X1...  does it matter that Netflix is "paid" for twice?

heres my prediection.

gameplay footages from:


Quantum break

sunset overdrive

forza horizon 2

some original xbox reboots:


kung fu chaos

crimson skies

and halo 2 anniversary.

then theyll show the unique japanese game everybody has been talking about.

show maybe 3-4 new ip's.

what games would benefit from cloud computing.

Black tusk will show a teaser from gears of war. maybe a name..

Basically, just games. I would also like more info on the Games with Gold program.  

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