Your advice on License Transfers please :)

I've had the same Elite since Feb, 2008.  My wife surprised me with the MW3 Bundle pack with the new Slim.  She also got the Data Transfer Cable.  So I'm just curious what your guys' preferred method is for transferring licenses are?  


Do I transfer my content, then the licenses or vice versa.  I also read that transfering content might not work and that I'd have to re-download everything I've ever bought if I want it to work on the new box.   I'd appreciate any advice you can throw my way.  


Thanks! :) Peace!


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Transfer the content to the X360 first. Without licenses you can't play offline with them. Then get your licenses and you should be good to go. Which will then allow to play offline with them.

Even after transferring the licenses you are going to need to set the content to download again.


However since the content is already on the hard rive all that will be grabbed is the new licenses.

Ok voteDC, I'm reading you about downloading the content over again but here's the rub;  Let's use Pinball FX 2 as the example of whats going on.

I own all 27 tables available for the game.  When my wife/ or my guest account signs in, all the tables are acting like trial versions so she can't play.  Next, I noticed that when I redownload each table or set of tables, this fixes it so she can play the redownloaded tables.

OK now for the big one.  I own and have purchased all the tables through the marketplace which is the only place to get them.  However the market place is not acknowledging all of my tables. The Classic four pack they want 800 points for even though I already bought it and its currently unlocked under my gamertag..  and four more, Excalibur, Nightmare Mansion, Earth Defence, and Rocky and Bullwinkle are all asking for 200 points each.  Yes I've already bought them before and they're currently unlocked on my gamertag.

Bottom line is I cant redownload those tables so they'll be fixed under my wifes gamertag unless I shell out all that money again. How can I fix this.

thanks!!!!! :)

Do those tables appear in your purchase history?


If so simply click Add to Queue and it'll be set to download at no extra cost.


However if they aren't appearing there, and you are sure you purchased them under your current gamertag, then it's going to have to be a call to support to solve the situation

Thanks for all the advice DC,  somehow all the tables started working for the other accounts after I installed the original Pinball FX after I noticed that all the tables they wanted to charge me for were bought for the original game.  I played a few seconds on each table and I guess the network decided that hey yah, he must own these game. lol.  So I spent all last night going through the purchase history and reload ALL xbla and games on demand games to make sure there are no more Licensing issues.  

After owning a box since 2008, the purchase history is overly long to find a single item.  Why don't they allow you to filter out pics from Indies from themes and avatar items.  Also scroll bar would be usefull so you can see how far down the list you are.

Anyway, thanks again for the assist. :)   Cheers!

The easier way to do this is just go into your account section and "transfer licenses" and you are good to go in no time flat :D