Your Accomplishments This Generation

I thought I'd make a thread for you guys to share your gaming accomplishments from this generation before we move into the next generation of gaming with the Xbox One. So, what have you done that was funny, amazing, or otherwise worth remembering &/or sharing? This is your last chance to shine & brag, either with videos or your own words. Have at it, gamers!

I suppose I'll start...

#1. Was featured in IGN's top 10 Halo Reach kills of the week not once, but twice, as shown below:



#2. Was ranked in the top 200 worldwide in the Mortal Kombat leaderboards using underdog characters such as Baraka & Sheeva.

#3. Currently ranked in the top 350 worldwide in the Injustice Gods Among Us leaderboards using Lex Luthor (another underdog character).

#4. Was ranked as the 49th best Dhalsim player in the U.S for Super Street Fighter 4.


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Not long ago in GTA4 Turfwar I was #1 on the trueskill leaderboard (down to #2 now I think) and I think #5 or #6 on the all time leaderboard before modders took it over. I got #2 on one of the Defense Grid story missions and in the top 10 on at least half the others. I had #1 on the Red Dead Redemption Liars Dice board for the first 4-5 days after it was released, but I didn't play much after the first week.

I built a fully functional lighthouse on Minecraft.

Errmmmm ....

I can't say I've done anything gaming wise worth talking about, I'm an average gamer at best lol but ...

I've played some fantastic games on Xbox 360, had a brilliant time on Xbox LIVE, made some very good friends from all over the world and long may it continue on Xbox One :-)

Not a highly competitive player or have much care for leaderboards.

Last 2 years has been great as i went from a few mates to joining another social clan and becoming a leader aswell as continuing to grow my youtube channel and have fun.

So i guess i would love to continue on that path and continue to try new Genres of games and get more people involved into the friendly side of MP gaming on console.

I was in the Top 15 Worldwide to 1000G Fifa 13

Top 50 To 1000G Fifa 14 Because Early Access Cheated me out.

I truly have to give a hand to those guys with the high rankings. I'm the one who rarely gets 1st place in a round of call of duty. I'm thrilled if I get third place. I am competitive, and im not a soar loser. I take my lumps and keep on going. My proudest achievements are completing all the tracks on Trials hd and Trials Evolution. Now I didn't medals on all of them, but did manage to pass them all. I have to say is the toughest part about losing is losing to those who sit and tell you that you suck. That's the worst! Happy Gaming.

^^^^^ that's why I wear my gamer pic with pride. That last track on trials HD that was an achievement.

For me it was getting a 4 man kill all at once just using armour lock on Halo Reach i went into armour lock and killed 3 people in a warthog and 1 in a ghost. my other was a collat sniper kill on battlefield 3

1. All achievements on skyrim

2. I was ranked quite high on Super Meat Boy but gave up when all the cheaters had 0.00 seconds for levels, still angry to this day that they never fixed the leader boards on that.

3. had some good leaderboard times on time trial in Shadow Complex (where's Shadow Complex 2 come on Notch)

4. completed Enchanted Arms the worst JRPG in history lol

5. all Halo games completed solo on Legendary

yeah all halo games on legendary done aswell

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