Young KillerZ recruiting - want to play to win as part of a team...Black Ops / MW3

There are a lot of clans advertising here for mature gamers - come and have fun - no K/D requirement - just enjoy yourself....

Well what about ... Must be good,  must want to win. Why do you play Black Ops, because you want to get better and you want to win, thats what makes it fun.

Black Ops - MW3 as soon as it is out - gamers 18+ (mature 16/17 year olds considered).

We want to build one or more teams who will work together to just win, and win, and win.

You must however be prepared to work as a team, no bragging, no arrogance, its the team that counts. You communicate in-game with the team and will do better as a result. You help each other.

On the boring side though - a strict code of conduct MUST be followed - no sexism, no racism, no foul language, no loud music in the background. Congratulate other players who do well and thank the other team whether you win or lose.

This is about winning but also being mature in game - prove that younger players can be adult in their gaming behaviour.

We want to get a team together quickly so the future of Young KillerZ will be determined by the responses we get to advertising over the next couple of weeks.

Once we know we have a team you will be introduced to each other and spend some time gaming together. You will then be moved into a larger 'umbrella' clan where you will benefit from an active forum, organised inter-clan matches and help in entering more competitive areas such as gamebattles MLG.

Go to

and message us your details then we'll tell you more.

Guys and Girls welcomed. Aimed initially at UK players but enough interest from USA/Canada and we'll build a team from that region as well.



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