You need to be signed into xbox live

Anyone else getting the message when in black ops you get taken to the lobby after the game has started and a message pops up saying "you need to be logged into xbox live" or soemthing similar.


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i had that message last night

I get this message alot among others, Some friends i cant connect to at all.

yeh i had this couple times but it let me back on then it happened again and couldnt get on for days. It looks like its an xbox or account problem but in the end it was my broadband providers problem they sorted it with in 24 hrs but they didnt know there was a problem with it antil i told them >.< (virgin media btw)

It's prob not a Xbox or Account problem, probably not even an ISP problem, either.

A lot of problems occur due to Bad set-up within the home. Many households have more than 1 PC & have at least 1 Xbox/ PS3 /Wii / DS.

Yeahh a lot of my friends get this too.  Not really sure why this is.

Im not getting as far as that , I only play free for all and it keeps searching for a room then it says joining room but it doesnt bother !  

I had that message too OP although not lately, it seemed to be when i would leave it alone for a while and come back to the game that the message would come up.

Virgin customers had problems playing for a few days. Should be sorted now tho.