Yahoo! Fantasy Football in NFL App

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can log into my Yahoo! Fantasy Football account through the Xbox One NFL App. People online are saying that the app now supports Yahoo! but I can't find anywhere to log in. Thanks.


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I'm also having the same issue.  Tried uninstalling/installing again and that didn't do anything.

So I tuned into the Patriots and Steelers game last night. While watching it I snapped the NFL app just to see if I could get any of those crazy stats and replays they show in the commercials. After snapping the app I was surprised to see my Yahoo! Fantasy Football League at the top right of the screen. I didn't even log into it this year. I think I had logged into it last year or something. But since then, I had deleted my team and created a whole new one. So I was able to track my league's stats last night. I'm not sure how it connected but it did because I didn't see anywhere to log into the Yahoo! account. It just kept trying to get me to log into the account which I didn't have. Regardless I'm glad it worked and I am hoping it works for this Sunday too. Also last night sucked because the guy I was playing had Gronkowski and he got 30 points off one TE. [tag:FML]

It's all good. Everything is working. I'm not getting notifications on my fantasy points though. That might only be available for the Fantasy League.