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How long can you record gameplay for? And can you upload it right to YouTube? Can you film like a whole madden game and clip it down to only a certain amoint of time or is there a strict time limit you can only film?


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There is a limit of 10 minutes I believe, however the GameDVR features have been very ignored in my opinion. I didn't even get to see it work until the demo earlier this week. So I am not 100% on this. I know YouTube upload is not supported at launch, only uploads to Facebook. Also Live streams are not archived so you cannot go find a video of your live stream anywhere.

I didn't really want to answer this one because there really isn't a whole lot of info out there about the DVR function. We know it'll record the last 5 min of gameplay automatically and achievements automatically, but we don't know how long you can record if you manually record something. And like Camaro said, Youtube isn't supported at launch, but they are looking to incorporate it down the road sometime.

twitch you can stream as long as you want, game DVR is 5mins so when you say xbox record that I believe it'll just take your last 5 mins and then you can mess around with it and take the part you want to upload or upload the whole 5 mins

How do people uplaod footage or gameplay onto youtube?

Isn't the twitch app different from Uploading clips?  That's the impression I got.

Edge got it correct.