XONE Problems

I have owned at least two of every gen of xbox consoles and this is the first time I have been DISAPPOINTED after a purchase!!  Microsoft HELP ME NOT TO SWITCH TO PS4!! 

The ONE has been at best touchy and at worst inoperable. 

 I haven't played more then two full games of BF4 without lagging out. 

 I cant play save ANY single player game at home without being ON LINE!! Not everyone has online capabilities at home (I do not). 

 The headset does not work (BF 4 without team chat.. well any chat... is COD). 

 The menus are confusing and lacking.



I have about 100 friends on BF4 that have been asking about the ONE and unfortunately I have been able to say only one good thing and that is the graphics.



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Have you tried replacing the cable to the Xbox if it s wired or restarting the modem for wireless? And there was trouble with the network last night for COD it might be fixed by now.

The console and game haven't even been out for a full week. Trust me, all these issues will be fixed, I promise