Xo sevens or astro a40s for x1?

Which headset do you think is better? The xo sevens or the astro a40s?


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I personally have the XO Sevens and love them!  The sound is great and I've actually had people in games ask me what headset I'm using because my mic sounds so clear.  My only complaint is that you can't hear your own voice when you talk, so you can't tell if you're mic is turned up too loud or not.  I had to ask people in game if my voice was too loud or soft and adjust from there.  I don't know anyone who has the Astros's, so I can't compare, but I can say that the XO Seven's are a great headset and extremely comfortable!

I have the XO7s.  They sound great and the noise canceling ear cups really work.  The lack is mic monitoring is very frustrating as Hallauer stated above.  If this issue was addressed I would be much happier.

Astro A40's are better. I tried the Xo sevens but it is a stereo headset for 159.99, Ridiculous. Get Astro A40's or A50's. They are super comfortable they have memory foam and they are one of the best headset manufacturers. And they are Surround sound.

I have Polk 4 shot and they are really nice. TB seem over priced. There same as the 4's but just i few comfort upgrades. not 60$ worth.

I didn't care much for either of them.  I bought the stereo adapter and run my Tritton Kunai wireless without the amp.

The xo series are surround but the stereo adapter

Doesn't support that feature yet.

Will or can a future patch give us mic monitoring for ?

You can wait for them to release a update to make them surround capable. But who knows how long it will take for them to update the adapter. Get the A40's or the A50's