XFL - Xbox FIFA Leagues looking for players and teams!

XFL (Xbox FIFA Leagues) are currently looking for FIFA players and teams.

Head over to:


XFL is the longest running Xbox 360 FIFA site for teams, clans and dedicated players.
XFL have a vast community with many teams looking for friendlies, new players and general football banter.

XFL currently run 3 Leagues:

Singles League: This currently has 14 divisions with more coming soon. Gain promotion or avoid relegation, the higher the league, the better your team.

Pairs League: Grab your partner for pairs action in a Champions League format.

XFL PRO League: Play as your Pro, as your club team takes on other clubs in your league. Again its all about promotion and relegation. XFL runs one of the fairest leagues there is

We are also launching to brand new leagues soon and some great new features

So if you are interested then head over to XFL and sign up.



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So with all this news of FIFA 12, why not join the best FIFA league there is for clans and real football fans.

If you are looking for a fun, friendly online league offering 1v1, 2v2, clubs, cups and tournaments then XFL is the only place to be.

So whether you are a clan, community or just a FIFA player pop over and say hello

Caution these guys are spamming sites and hot linking! They just spammed our site and had to ban them!

Yeh I just got told about that .... funny as apparently it was a friendly invite that they thought you might be interested in ...

No harm no foul ... No need for the hate ... Good luck with your community

Currently competing in XFL PRO league and it would be good to get more people to know about this website.

It makes playing Fifa a bit more competitive.


Playing Clubs can get so boring when not playing for anything apart from the unrealistic prospect of being number 1 in your league or in the world; this is what I found anyway. Then when I stumbled upon the lifeline that is XFL, Pro Clubs came back to life and I am enjoying it more than I ever could. Seriously, sing up today and see what you're missing out on!


Brilliant site for any and all competetive Fifa players. Well run, maintained and managed by a dedicated and competent group of Admins. Each and every competition, through singles, pairs and perhaps most importantly pro clubs, are competetive, intensely contested but also very friendly with players always willing to help each other out.

Truly the best place to be a pro!

Yeh XFL PRO Season Three starts very soon ... So get your apps in before Sunday to avoid missing out

XFL, well what a website, I play on all the competitions, Singles, Pairs and Pro.

Each league is well structured, and well maintained by an Admin team who are friendly and very well mannered.

Why not come join in the fun?

Did someone say how awesome this site is? I ain't going to say it is or it isn't, just go check it out for yourself, no strings attached, if you are a member on other Enjin sites, it is simply just a button click to join, no forms to sign (unless you cannot resist temptation of course and want to play in the leagues!). So, go and do it....... Now....... :)


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