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Hi everyone! I just have a simple but still rather twisted question I can't answer: what is the difference between the level that appears at my XCL profile, and the one that appears in the forums, in the down left corner of my gamertag? 

some helpful information:

_ I'm level 3 almost 4 in XCL

_ in my xbox 360, when I select "profile" at the right of my gamertag is a number 1, I can't really figure out what that means and if I can level up, because I've seen many numbers in that place

hope you can resolve my little problem, thanks!


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Your XCL level is the ambassador level you have reached by helping

The number on your card in the forum is your Community User Level

The Number to the right on your profile when viewed is the Tenure of your gold subscription (in other words how many years gold you have had)

thanks man! all problems soluted

How can you be an ambassador at level 1? And don't even know what the numbers represent?