XboxOne Suggestions, If you have a sugestion please post here..

Hey there all,


Having had the XboxOne a few days now there maybe some things that you would like to suggest and who know's the guys here might read it and tak it on board for future updates..


I would firstly like to add i think there should be a patch to make the Party Chat enabled by default as I am having to tell everyone about it to enable them to join in party chat and having this enabled by default would make more sense and help people engage in private lobby's easier?


If you have any ideas please post here...


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kinect sign in lock - if it does not see you it locks the xbox so nobody can use it till the owner/person is seen by the kinect, in case the  kinect breaks a pass code could be entered as a backup.

multi delete-delete multiple video clips saved by game moments in dvr.

calibration controls-more options and deeper depth of calibration, add sharpness in the video calibration.

add player- add people to console made quicker and easier then setting up an account, but limited access.

media center-classic windows/xbox media center streaming from pc to xbox.

ui customization- far more customizing of user interface on xbox home and menus.

Make a 360 pad that works on the Xbox one coz the new pad is so bad even thinking of selling my xbox one coz its that bad

Recent players list..

Quicker way to add new players to friends list. I've met some pretty nice players but in the middle of a game, i will not back out to the menu just to try and remember their name with all the numbers and letters people use to search manually for them. Recent players list should have been brought over from the 360.

Also achievment list should be brought over also. The new set up for achievments doesnt fit well, just let me quickly look at what I've unlocked and whats left to do.

I would much rather have a quick guide to do this stuff by hitting the xbox button like the 360 rather than going home and searching for it. If i wanted to go home i would rather just say xbox home.

Hopefully this stuff gets read.