xboxone beta test

can we compare xbox360  against Xbox one..

360 friends notification's , Xbox one ...NO.

360 party chat  , Xbox one NO.( doesn't work correctly )

360 auto sign-in , Xbox one NO ( unless connect attached )

360 working dashboard , Xbox one NO.

 plus add to this the TV issue as well.. plus games not working or achievement's not popping...

and this all adds up to a very dear machine that has disconnected me from my friends , and I am beta testing for Microsoft .

who asked for a 1000 friends list ?

why didn't they use the 360 dashboard ?

why doesn't the party chat work after they told us it is the best thing ever ?

why can I not see how much power my controller has ?

why didn't they know the difference between 50mhz and 60mhz for the TV to work properly ?

why do I have to have Kinect to auto sign-in ?

why don't we have a 3d blu ray in the xboxone  ( ps4 does )

why leave an open dev kit on xboxone ?

and all we get from major nelson who is the Microsoft paid muppet who doesn't help in any way , but just keeps telling us ..

don't do this or you may brick ur console, or don't do that ...

it seems to me that Microsoft has pushed windows 8 onto us and it doesn't really work properly..

you think they would have got the message that no one likes windows 8 and we were happy with the dashboard we had..

I am seriously looking to ebay or trade back my day one xboxone for a ps4 and vita..they seem to want the gamers

everyone I have spoken too are either sticking to 360 or getting a ps4 ...

well done Microsoft you have broken something that didn't need hard is it to understand all we wanted was a better graphics card and a blu ray drive.




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the PS4 does not support 3D Bluray.......

Go to the PS4 forums, there are also plenty of issues.  Trust me I have both.  Both units have their quirks and problems.  Give it time.  Just like any other product they evolve.

I believe microsoft made me pay $ 600 to become a beta tester

So very true

@busgod...ok .. so I may be mistaken about the ps4 3d drive....but all of the other problems could have been corrected if they had just used the 360 dashboard for now..and slowly moved things over...also found out that adding ppl on xboxone does not show up on the xbox360... but if you add them on 360 it adds them to seems a big step back and I feel disconnected with my friends.. we are finding ourselves playing on 360 due to how bad xboxone is.

The 360 was also flawed when it first came out. Just relax. It will get better. If you're not happy with the experience, return it and wait until they patch in the missing/broken features.

lol look at how the 360 evolved hopefully they can do that with the xbox one. just be patient no consol is great in the first few months or even the first year its going to have bugs

my hd broke , I sent for assistance in my city because this out of warranty, put another hd but lack upgrade the system because I'm beta testing and not have to updating is to send the updating me. thank you