XboxONE always on

How does it work with the cable box? Will the voice commands work at all times even when the xbox is off? Also will it change the way I currently use my cable box like the look of the cable guide or anything like that. I ask because the other people who use my TV are used to the way they have been using it and seeing it.


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I have been seeing things that are saying that you can watch TV through the cable/satellite box like people have been doing for years because the Xbox One is never truly off, it is just in a low powered state.  I could be wrong but that is what people have been saying.

Some tv's have voice commands and you don't even need an X-O.


You'll have to have the X1 on to use the voice commands and the X1 has a guide overlay that will look different from your providers guide. But like FullHornet said, you can always use the cable just as you would before with the remote. The only way to take advantage of voice command though is through the X1 with it being on.

Too bad there wasn't a coaxial cable connection. Then you could just eliminate the rental of a cable/dvr box and save yourself $15 in rental fees.  Though it would be quite ugly I guess.  Wish though you could record tv shows on your console.  Maybe in the future?