xboxone 3 screen display !help! (pro techs only)

I'm setting up for destiny, is your body ready?! I have now 3 vn247 asus 1ms 1920x1080 monitors set up but need to get my xboxone to spread out on all 3. After doing research all i can find is the matrox  t2g-dp-mif external graphics card. Which maxes out at the resolution of all 3 of my monitors. It uses display ports and as we know xboxone is using HDMI. Using display port to hdmi adapters i can simply adapt the connectors. My theory is that either A.) it will work right off the bat no plugging into my computer required. I believe this is possible because its basically sending pixels and if its sending the same resolution from each port to each screen splitting from the one xbox one cable any possible setup is already done. My next theory B.) is that i will have to first connect to my computer and run the "wizard" it comes with and do some type of basic setup where i set the cards parameters to match the xboxone. Finally C.) wont work at all. I don't think this would be the outcome at least it makes the least amount of sense.

So my question is mainly, would this work, does anyone have any insight, or can anyone point me in a better direction? Cost is not really an issue as long as it works.


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My understanding of the Matrox device you mention is that it assumes an input with an active picture area treble the width of normal, e.g. 5760x1080 and relevant timings. It then tiles and re-clocks each third of the active picture for the DisplayPort outputs. So the sending device must support and allow expansion of its raster, which you can't do (at least not as a user) on the Xbox One.


So, it probably wouldn't work.


If you want to replicate the same picture onto additional monitors, you'll need an HDMI splitter. If you want to split up the picture across multiple monitors for local multiplayer, you need a videowall processor (I don't know if there are any at consumer prices).

how do you know i cant? j/w'ing with all do respect

and as far as matrox as brand goes what would you rate them. Again if you have any insight

The reason I suspect it won't work is the way it's designed. Given the description of the device, it essentially presents itself to a PC as a display with an aspect ratio three times the width of a normal screen, i.e. 48:9 or 48:10. A PC can be configured to render to a target with those proportions and output the result with the relevant timings. The Xbox One and its software aren't configurable to do this.


That said, I don't know what the Matrox device will do if it receives a 1920x1080 input. Maybe it is possible to set it up to mirror the same image across the outputs (all showing the same picture). But I take it that isn't what you're wishing to accomplish.

After more research it would seem that there is no way to reach my goal without the xbox having the ability to change its resolution.

Since my computer resolution can obviously change, do you think using a capture card to bring the xbox's image into the computer and then send the computers image to a convertor (possibly matrox) and reach my goal of 3 screens?

There would be a delay introduced by the capture card making playing very difficult.


If you want to spread out the picture from the Xbox One across the monitors, remember that it would need to crop 1/3rd off the top and bottom, which is far greater than the 'action safe' and 'title safe' areas assumed for console games and video. They're designed assuming only 5-8% of each edge may be cropped by the display.


If you don't mind me asking, what is the goal of the setup?

just to get my xbox to play across all 3 screens as one big curved image. I already have the mount and monitors set up but all i can find are expensive video walls. even 500$ or so wouldnt be to bad but most are nearly 5 grand If i  had a good capture card couldnt i eliminate the input lag?

my computer has 2.6GHz AMD Phenom II X6 1035T, radeon 5750, and 8 gddr3. Theoretically if i could eliminate the input lag it would work

i found this which i think is close to what im looking for. Going back into the top and bottoms of the image i would be losing. Would i have the same problem if i tried to set up a 2x3 instead of the 1x3?

The iNDS device seems to do the same as the Matrox device; slicing a large image into smaller sections for each screen and assuming an input resolution for all those screens combined. The difference mainly seems to be the quad outputs, and greater support for display arrangement.


Even if the picture was captured and scaled to spread across the monitors, setting it up such that it does crop the image as desired would be quite a headache. I don't see there being a working solution without having a lot of control over the image slicing and scaling. Cropping it by one third each top and bottom would be far too much for playability.


What would need to be done to make the 16x9 output fill a wider area is a combination of cropping and parabolic scaling. If the image was cropped by a reasonable amount top and bottom (say, 5-7% each), and stretched gradually toward the edges, it might reach a 21x9 aspect ratio with agreeable proportional distortion. But if this was done - assuming there was a device to do it - the extremes of the image would reach only about 16% into the left and right monitors.


So the problem is difficult enough to solve that I can't think of anything that would do it. Blowing up the image across a 2x2 or 3x3 monitor setup with a suitable scaling vidwall processor would work if you could live with the bezels cutting through the image, and had/have a suitable budget.


The best uses I can see for a triple monitor setup that would work with the Matrox device is PC games with triple monitor support.