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Gears of War 3 Game session tonight 8:30pm all are welcome

I think I have been a member for over 2 years now, it's the friendly people that make it what it is. We don't play for skill and it doesn't matter if you can't shoot straight (I sure as hell can't) but we all have a laugh and play some decent games along the way.

We often bring up old games and go back for missed cheevos and just play for retro fun, the next one I will be doing is PGR4 and everyone is of course welcome.

Visit and look for the PGR thread, or find me on there.


Marc (Bob)

It's just as well we don't play for skill, I am without a doubt the most unskilled player on live by a mile. Don't believe me? Join the gang over at and witness the awesome unskillery that is me.

Hopefully I can actually get on for gears to tonight.

Bananas !!

Gears went very well by all accounts i hopped on a little late and they were full so i played a little battlefield shame... Hopefully get on earlier next week and get some of those pesky Raam achievements done.

Marc you sorted out a night for PGR 4 yet?

Play ye olde assassin's creed brotherhood multiplayer Tuesday nights ,if you like stabbing or hiding in haystack well then there's something for everyone......who likes stabbing or hiding in haystack .

Other good points It's very cheap now and no online pass

Phew, finally found the place. Had to wrestle the guys by the door apparently someone had told them to keep me out. Anyhoo there's Sunday nights from 8:30pm for Left4Dead action too. Mostly Left4Dead 2, and DLC welcomed but not essential.


Hoping to get some Halo on tonight still loads i need to do on CE and might even do a little firefight

Like a few other guys here I have been a member of XBF for over 2 years. Throughout my time I have some quality friends and had some hilarious game nights.

I might be getting MW3 and I will need help in getting a CoD group sorted, would any new members be interested in helping?

BF3 nights are organised for Mondays @ 2030. If BF tickles your fancy give me a shout.

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