missing unobtained achievements

Although I use a different site to track which achievments I have yet to unlock, when I check some of the games on my list (527 games is quite a long list) the number of achievements I need does not correspond to the number that are shown as locked when I click the "View Achievements" button.

For example,

 - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is have 43/49 achievements (missing expert career, co-op all songs as lead, co-op all songs as rhythm, two of the 'buy all xxx from shop", and co-op as specific caracters).  When I click the "View Achievements" button under the game information, it only shows that there are three achievements that I am missing.  The information at the top of the screen shows the correct information but the achievements are missing from the list

 - Spiderwick Chronicles - I am missing one achievement for collecting 75 marbles.  When I go into the "View Achievements", no locked achievements show up.

I have attempted to log out and use a different browser but I end up with the same result.  I have not checked if any unlocked acheivements are missing from the list.  Has anyone else experienced this?


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it's happened to me on gears of war 3 ,2 achievements are missing at least 1 was the hoarder and the other was rat pack before i got it ,i check my achievements here now

You said it yourself, quite a long list of games. I would suggest letting everything load in for 2-3 mins before going through.