XBOX.COM is complete and utter garbage

Who is in charge of developing and redesigning They should be fired.  This site has become a dogs breakfast, literally.   When you log in you cant see new messages unless you go into messages, you cannot see friends unless you go into friends whereas before you could see all this on the drop down menu (how many friends were on, how many new messages), the developer has made it more time consuming, not more efficient.  And the way it stores messages, seriously? You have to go to the bottom to enter a message you cannot just reply at the message, more time consuming.  And there are soooooo many other things wrong with this site now.  You have made this site harder and more time consuming to navigate not more efficient.  I have been watching xbox go backwards, I still have not bought the xbox one because it just doesn't seem worth it to me, its not that I cannot afford it, I have ZERO interest because it isn't any big improvement.  And what is with the stalker enabler on the one, people can follow me and I show up on their friends list? REALLY?   No wonder xbox is losing to PS4, half my friends moved to this product, I am tempted to do same.  My advice to Microsoft is, get a new team of developers because these ones have really dropped the ball.


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the xbox one is the worst console I ever see . The 360 is the best . All the new app friend list and other new systeme work like *** ,That annoying