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I didn't see a forum-specific for the Xbox forums so I figured this would be the place. Feel free to move because I might have quickly missed the board, sorry if I did.

Anyway, I'm having a problem with the forum. I had posted a few times before the Xbox forum was updated (not sure how long ago that was) and sometimes when I'm on a certain page my avatar changes (from to and I can't figure out the reason for it doing this. I was wondering if someone had a solution to this?

Also, when posting on the forums I can't find a place where I'm able to change the avatar that's shown on the forum. Is it the same that appears in the first picture or is the avatar on the forum handled for something different (this avatar that I posted above.. The current avatar that is appearing for me on the forum (not sure if its the same for others) is showing that it's broken as shown here:

Thanks for all the help in advanced!


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Those are your gamerpics, not avatar (unless you have your avatar as your gamerpic). To change what's shown on the forums, you would have to change your gamerpic on the consoles. The one to the left (on your gamercard) would be a 360 gamerpic because those haven't been updated to show gamerpics from the One yet. It shows as broken for me too because the forums have just been glitchy.

The one on the top right of the screen will show as a One gamerpic. Sometimes that'll be glitchy too and just randomly change instead of showing your actual gamerpic.

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