Xbox360s (slim) audio out?

Couldnt find the swedish forum-part,so ill try here:

I got a xbox360s,bought couple of months ago.

I want to connect the sound to my "surround system"-i just ordered a samsung surround-system,with 1-optical IN.

To connect the 360 to the surround,i need this cable (optical/S-pdif,or whatever its called):

Am i right?

Is that it?

Is it going to work after this?




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Yes, that's all you will need for audio.

Thank you!

There is no different "ends" on the cables,right?

They look the same on both ends?

If you understand what i mean-the input looks the same on the 360,as the input on the reciever?

The ends of a TOSlink / Optical cable are the same.  You can't mess this up


I´ll just have to wait for everything to arrive then =)

Ordered a surroundsystem with optical IN yesterday,and the optical cable today-cant wait!

Thanks alot for the help GeoGear,really appreciate it!

been playing with headphones since i got my first xbox360,5-6years ago,LOL