Xbox360/PC Gaming Headset Suggestions

Finally broke my TB XC1 the other day and have been doing a lot of searching.  Looking for a solid headset for under $100. I have a few in mind that I have thought and read about and it seems like every headset is going to be hit or miss. Here's a few that I have my eye on and what to get some others opinions. 

-TRITTON Detonator Headset (Like the fact that the mic can detach and use as headphones but hate that I can not use with PC) 69.99

-TRITTON Trigger Headset (Bit cheaper than Detonator) 49.99 (Leaning towards this pair but is there a way to make them work with PC (sound and voice)

-Turtle Beach x12 (Seem nice, tried a pair at Best Buy....Don't like the fact I need to spend 20.00 for AV adopter though. Plus side works with PC as well) 59.99


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X32 is nice if you want to go wireless, yeah you would think they would include this adapter. I tried using the RGB cables and I can't deal with the crappy picture.

if you want to have full surround sound 5.1 dolby digital, and be able to hear your pc audio and xbox audio at the same time, i would go for the tritton ax720+, they're $160 but trust me, they are worth it.

you can also go for the tritton ax180, which uses av, but the cables are included so you don't have to buy the av cable.

they're aprox $70-80.

I have to go against Tritton because they have a below average frequency response of 25Hz - 22000Hz. This means they are lacking in the bass department and the high responses go beyond what the normal human can hear anyway. General rule of thumb is 20Hz - 20000Hz. Normally I would recommend something higher end like the Astro A40's or A50's when it comes to console gaming headsets, you cannot get any better. The only way to get any better is to run something like Sennheiser, Audio Technica audiophile headphones through an Astro Mixamp. But since you only have 100.00 to spend, this is out of your budget. Something to think about in the future though. The only recommendations I can make for your price is the Turtle Beach X42's which can be had for 134.00 on Amazon, The X41's which are 125.00, Turtle Beach BO2 X Ray for 100.00 and the Turtle Beach DXL 1 which can be had for 78.75. I used to have the X12's and they are a bit disappointing.

Here are the links for the others but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, get the Black Ops 2 X-ray for 99.99. They are wireless and have Dolby surround. Regular price for them is 200.00