Xbox360 Elite Issues

So I've had a 360 elite sitting in its box for the past 5 months maybe longer, but its been in a cool dry spot so never thought anything of it.

A friend recently wanted to buy the old thing off me since I have a slim and all, so figured cool a few extra bucks and I don't use it anyway, so I brought it out and found that after a few minutes of it being on, it freezes up, looks at though its shut off as it goes back to the Video screen, but the xbox itself stays on, green power light on, fans running ect. But I can't use the power button or the eject, I have to unplug it to turn it off OFF, then plugging back in it won't work right away. Then after a few minutes it will work once again but the cycle repeats.

Does anyone Please have any info on this, can I fix this myself with a kit or am I missing something. OR do I need to send it in for repair? Thanks for any help that you guys can offer, and sorry if this isn't where this goes lol


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Try troubleshooting it using:

But if it still doesn't work, I suggest contacting Xbox Support: