Xbox won't allow me to sign in--worked just fine earlier

Xbox One newbie here. I was using the Xbox just fine this morning for regular TV watching and games. Shut it off and started it later to do a workout, signed in as myself, accidentally got a Help screen that I couldn't shut down, started messing with the controller to get it to go away and gave the xbox voice commands like "help menu close" and "help menu off" and "back," and also tried toggling over to the menu to shut it down that way. The system seemed to freeze completely. I shut off xbox manually, reopened, and now am back at a generic home page and neither of the controllers will work--I can't sign back in or move the controller at all, like it froze. Tried reconnecting both controllers but no luck, and also restarting the box. No sign of life on the kinect either. Any help?


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