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hi i dont no if anyones posted anything like this before and im new to the forum, so hi to you all, i play alot of clan matches and i use a capture card to record my game play and upload it to youtube, and it got me thinking about and xbox with a built in HD capture card. with the abillity to up load to a special site for xbox live users only so all live players can view the games that people have played, it would also come in handy for clan matches when there disputes and it would be easier access to ie gamebattles staff to view the disputants claims, would really like to no what you guys think,




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Would love a capture card for 360 but never sure what to buy. Can anyone recommend both an SD and HD one? Links?


I can't see this happening, due to the fact it would alienate a lot of gamers. Most people have no need or interest in buying a capture card. By building one into the console itself, that would result in higher sale prices due to the additional components needed. Those who don't want a capture card built-in would complain about how they were being forced to pay extra for a service they would not have.


Another issue stems from the fact that to put the content on a site would mean also having a good upload speed. That's an issue in the UK, and in some other countries, due to slower internet speeds than most of the United States and Canada. I'm lucky in the sense that I have BT Infinity over here in Ireland, but some of my friends live far from an exchange, meaning they don't get the same speeds. Forcing them to have all this content to push to a site would significantly hamper gaming time. 


For clan battles and other competitive gaming I think the idea is brilliant, but it would be arguably better in the long run if Microsoft simply endorsed a certain model of card (maybe the Hauppauge HD PVR?) and encouraged the use of it with the 360 console. It would mean a higher expense for people who want a capture card with their console, but for those who don't, it would likely be fairer since the majority would have no need for a card. I have a Dazzle DVC100 and no need for it at all anymore. All the same, it's a cool concept that I simply don't think could be easily done for a couple of reasons.

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Would love a capture card for 360 but never sure what to buy. Can anyone recommend both an SD and HD one? Links?


SD: Dazzle DVC

HD: Haupaugge HD PVR / BlackMagic Intensity Pro (also known as the BMIP)

You'd need a good computer for running either HD card with. A desktop is recommended for the PVR, and is necessary for the BMIP since it's designed to be built into the actual box along with all the other components. You could use a laptop for an SD card since the quality isn't going to be as demanding to work with. The BMIP has the best quality but the difference to the PVR is relatively minor if even noticeable at all. I think you can get any of the three models there from I've never used the site myself, but it seems legitimate enough and has plenty of other accessories for your gaming needs.


Oh, and I had to make a second post because the edit time on the first one ran out after writing the above post.

limexb is the biggest distributor of peripherals, headsets and accessories in the UK.

I can personally vouch for Chris and his company 100%. We get all our headsets and gaming gear from him.