Xbox wiring setup questions

I would like some guidance on how to connect my Xbox to the internet (wired) and connect my cable to my TV from the same wall point. Is the only way to use a splitter to have the cable go from one end of the splitter to the TV and the other go to the model, router, then Xbox? I have used that setup and the splitter kept malfunctioning even after replacing with a new splitter. I currently have my Xbox connected wirelessly but I need to increase the speeds and want to wire it. Thanks for your insights.


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To do this, use a DSL line splitter, plug your cable in one, plug your modem in one, and the wall point in one. Then take an ehternet cord and run it to the router, then take another ethernet cord, run that from the router to the Xbox. It should work fine, if you have any problems, just tell me.

There is no DSL splitter involved in a cable modem setup.

See if the cable company can provide the splitter. Mine does (Cablevision). They also test signal through it when providing the splitter.

Thanks to those who replied. I understand now that I need to use a splitter at the wall point. I took one line to the router, modem and the Xbox. The other line goes to the cable box. All seems to be working. Now my problem is the speed of the VPN. I think I've done all I can (wired connection, tried a few different VPN servers to find the best...). thanks!

Are you connecting to a Secured Work VPN or your own Virtual Private Network remotely..??