Xbox will not start (Windows 10)

In Windows 10 on my small notyebook (recently upgraded from Windows 7) I cannot get XBox app to start.

(1) the Windows store and XBox application on taskbar respond with message "Element not found"

(2) XBox icon in start menu/All Apps does not respond at all.

Same goes for all other game related icons in All apps. All other applications (such as office, skype, etcetera) work normally.

I have not had this problem with my other computers running also under windows 10, so this is a specific issue on this small (slow) notebook.

From the message it would look like the app does not exist, and the icons contain a non-existing link.

Does anyone have an idea what causes it, and how to solve it?


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My 1st guess on this is that the notebook does not meet the system requirements for game streaming (Xbox app feature) so is possibly not letting you on for that reason... (With a not so elegant user error message)

See the link below for minimum requirements:

I would also usually advice uninstalling the app however with the xbox app you cant so that's a non starter there... :s

A more advanced approach if your willing to try it (It may be risky as it involves advanced windows tools..., and totally your choice whether to do/try it or not...) is to follow this guide to try and uninstall and reinstall the xbox app and see if that works (Kind of like force resetting the app)

XBox has worked before on this computer, so it is not about requirements.

At the moment my guess is that, when using the touchpad instead of the mouse while trying to scroll up or down the directory tree I moved a directory by mistake and did not get a warning. This has happened before, but I noticed that in time. Now I am trying to find where the app should be on my desktop and where it went on this notebook.

Just looking for "xbox" gives too many files and directories. Any hint what to look for?

You'll probably get better help in one of the support forums here