Xbox why are you making me hate you?????:(

I've been a member of XBL for four years now. So things have changed, the forums obviously are a bummer that all those great original posts are gone. But on top of that so are other features, such as the ability to play a game i downloaded on demand on one account, and i used to be able to play them on another account on the same hard drive, not anymore, that's 40 bucks wasted. Now you wanna change the dashboard again, i hope the party chat works better than when this last update took place. It was pretty laggy at first. And my last complaint........i was asked if i wanted to renew one of my accounts cause the gold was expiring soon, i said no, even went to account management on the website before this notice to remove the auto-renewal. But guess what....yep you stole my money twice now, and i don't appreciate it. Does anyone else feel that Live is no longer for the consumer and becoming a greedy corporation. I love what you guys provide i do but recent events make me so frustrated. Am i over reacting? Does anyone else feel the same way? We pay for this service and judging by what i read in the forums, they don't seem to be listening to us that much.


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It sounds like you have a few issues that can be clarified.

First, your games on Demand Games will always work with the Profile that purchased that them to begin with is Signed into XBL. If it does not play for other Profiles on the same Console, it is missing the License to do so. Complete a License Transfer if you recently changed Consoles to correct this.

Now, if you've been on XBL for a while, ytou know they change the Dashboard about once a year (or so). It's nothing new, learn to use the new one and move on.

If you are having problems with Latency, check your end first. Make sure your ISP has a fast enough Connection along with any Settings you apply on your Home/ Private Network. This is not an XBL issue but one from the Users end

If you had Auto-Renew on to begin with you played for a given time with the acception you would provide payment. If the CC attached was Defaulted (due to whatever reason) it is one that you need to address with Support.

No for the Forums, yeah they're a little off and need work but it's getting better everyday. You deal with it and move on. In closing, sorry you feel that way but if you feel a Service and/ or Product is not "worth it" to you, pick another one that is.

God help you when the new dashboard launches in a few weeks. c_c