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ATTN Mods - If this has been posted before, feel free to delete this thread. (wouldn't be my 1st deleted one. lol)

This page actually has some good game backgrounds from Microsoft. (some of which they use for backgrounds on 


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Sweet might grab the Fallout 4 ones :)

Well, isn't that nice?

I did not know that part of the site existed... Thanks Goth :)

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I think that's because it's new; and if it isn't, then heck...

For those interested, the XB1 community on reddit has established a subreddit for this very purpose that you can access:

Yep, and ALL of those themes will go bad when the new UI hits... I think I'll stick with the official source here on this site for now. ;)

Major Nelson tweeted some time ago a .PSD file for those who want to use their own images. Not sure if it's still up on his page but I can upload that file somewhere if people are interested in the template.

Had no idea about this! Thanks :)

I currently have a Gears 4 one but will change it up now I think.

I want all of the FORZA MOTORSPORT 6 cars as my background but I can only use one at a time. No fair. lol

It would be nice if we could use a series of backgrounds that rotated at timed intervals, you know, like on Windows 10... ;P