Xbox Video giving me error 0xc101a249 when I try to watch my purchased videos.... yet I can play online

Is anyone else having issues playing their purchased videos? I've been pulling my hair out since last night and I was in chat with support for almost an hour this morning and the issue has not been resolved. The good thing is that it will be addressed with higher support staff...

Basically I sign in and I'm able to play multiplayer matches like Titanfall online but when I go to try to watch movies or TV episodes I've already bought Xbox Video gives me this message: "Something went wrong. Try again later." At the top it has a SIGN IN header indicating it has something to do with signing in or my tag not being recognized by the marketplace. 

But again as I said I'm able to play online so the whole thing is weird. Is anyone else having these funky issues between their account and sync issues with Xbox Video. It's really frustrating to know I've bought stuff I can't watch

Again the error code is 0xc101a249. Does anyone know what this is about?

I've done the power cycle, hard boot, unplug etc.. deleting my account, adding it back, uninstalling then re-installing xbox video but still ...NOTHING. Can anyone please help? I posted this here because there seems to be more traffic here.


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Sounds like a problem with the login or access server for the video app. If that is so, they are most likely correcting it or on it, and you will just have to wait.

Otherwise support is the only option. Doesnt sound like it has anything to do with the console itself.

Hey Angryvato,

Things just started working again. All is well again. I do wish however the whole syncing stuff with Xbox video etc.. was a bit more stable. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've gone through this since I jumped over to Xbox One. But anyway all is good right now.

It sux when things don't work, but there are so many factors in play that when things go wrong, we don't know what the deal is.

But i'm glad it worked out for ya.