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So I bought the officially licensed USB, and I'm wondering, when can I unplug it?  I haven't tried bringing it anywhere yet, but the green light seems like it is always flashing, even when the Xbox is off.  When can I unplug it and not worry about corrupting the data?


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USB memory stick, you can unplug it when you like they're quite robust but just turn the console off before you remove it to reduce the chance of data loss.  You're probably better off using the cloud to save your games now though.

Not enough space on Cloud, I just got the 8gb for $20 at walmart and already have about 4gb on it just from my Arcade games.  I'll pull it out and see what happens, but I think I'll copy stuff back to the HDD first in case it corrupts it.

The official USB flash drives are made by SanDisk and they tend to flash, even if the console is off.  It's normal, it doesn't mean the device is reading or writing data.  My 16GB SanDisk Cruzer does the same.  I haven't lost any data yet.