XBOX USB Thumb Drive

I have an old Xbox game saved on my Xbox 360's hard drive and want to transfer the saved data to a thumb drive.

However, when I tried to do so, the only option I get in System/Storage on the console is to "Delete".

Is there a work-around for this?


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when you put the USB drive in your xbox go settings system/strorage click on the USB drive and it will say configure now click on it and go to the stuff you want to download/ move and click on move.

Thanks for the quick reply Mike, but I had already configured the flash drive so I just get the menu when I click on it in settings/system/storage and the drive is empty.

The game does appear in the hard drive's "Game and Apps" list, but selecting it only gives the "Delete" option (no copy or move choice).  Since it's an old Xbox game (Dai Senryaku VII) I figured I may just be out of luck.

have you tryed puting other USB stuff into the xbox like phones or a other USB drive and see if it comes up on your xbox? if not try doing doing this step - go to your other xbox360, and go to account management and you it says your billing options go to license transfer  see if that helps you

Daisenryaku VII is an original Xbox game (not an Xbox 360 game).  Original Xbox game saves can not be moved between consoles.  Sorry.

> Original Xbox game saves can not be moved between consoles.  Sorry.

Thanks. I was afraid that.was the case.