Xbox updates everygame.

I don't think my xbox saves the Updates. I can play gears 3 and then put Black Ops in and it will update and then go back to gears 3 and it updates again, it does it with all my games even the same game 2-3times a day.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?


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Try clearing the cache, usually works for me.

It means that you will have to update each game again at least once though!

Try clearing the cache sir. Twill update the games you play again, but should be only once unless an update is available

I had a similar problem last year.  What Piztup suggests solved the problem for me.  Clear the cache, then each game will update one further time, then the issue should be resolved.

Clearing the cache will not erase your game saves, but will erase old updates, leaving room for the new updates.

are you using an unofficial hard drive?

I am going to do it soon, what is clearing cache though? Will it erase my game data?

hi harry have you tried removing your hard drive and plugging it back in again?

I had this issue. Every time I put a game in it did an update.

I never solved it.

Since trading in for the gears console I've had no problems.

so did it work ok?

my curiosity needs to know :)

Thanks guys much appreciated.