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I just tried to play my xbox 360 and got a error saying unable to read disc and saying to clean the disc, tried this and other 360 games and got the same message. However it will play original xbox games with no problem. Anyone have any idea what this could be?


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Sounds like your DVD drive is going out. You can try opening and closing the disc tray repeatedly until it reads your disc. I had to do it 20+ times on an older 360 I had. it worked for a while, but then stopped reading games all together. It will most likely need to be replaced/ repaired in the long run. Now I just use mine for arcade downloads and the online streaming apps since it's out of warranty. You can also starting getting games on demand, as an alternative for the discs.

It also plays  DVD's with no problem. Tried opening and closing but with no luck. I was thinking the same and it being the disk drive but the fact it will play xbox original games and DVD's makes me think otherwise. Could there be any other reason for this happening?

I'm pretty sure the drive is going out. It starts with one type of media (games) then slowly progresses, so you may be okay for a short while, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Kinda unrelated, but that makes me think - if Microsoft had made the HD-DVD Drive able to read game discs then that would have been perfect...

Indeed--- A repair may be needed.   How old is the console? Have you tried the trouble shooting tips in the support area???



Try cleaning your lens first before doing anything drastic to it.


I have had that where my 360 would play some games and DVD's and not others.


I got a game once and it didn't work,  tried another game which worked, so I thought the game was dodgy but when the game I thought was dodgy worked on my brothers 360 I knew it was my 360. So I cleaned my lens with my DVD lens cleaner and the game worked beautifully.


Try a DVD lens cleaner first before taking your 360 apart.

Some of the games made by developers in France like EAs Need for Speed Shift or Battlefield 2 have a hard time trying to read on my consoles.

dont feel bad i paid for silent hill homecoming and i get the same error (WITH OUT A DISC) so you tell me what the problem is lol

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If you (or anyone else in this thread) is still experiencing issues with the above problem, please go ahead and create a thread in the Xbox 360 Support Forums. That's the best place to be for assistance and help.


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