Xbox turns its self off

when I go on YouTube my Xbox turns off this happens every time 


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Have you tried a hard reset?  Also, make sure you do not have a system update that you need to install as when apps/games start acting like that in my experience that was why.

it's the new update that's made this happen it was fine before this update and I will try the hard reset now

the hard reset did not work it just turned off again wen I started YouTube

In the settings ( sorry I can't remember exactly where it is or what it's called ) but there is a setting where you can have it so if the console remains idle for so long it turns itself off.

I have seen people report in the past similar problems but switching this setting "Off" solved it.

Yeah doing the same for me, only started to happen lastnight. Turns xbox off everytime. Im in the preview program and reported it through the xbox.

I think there is an issue with the APP more than with the Xbox, I had an issue with it last night also but it worked fine 1 hour before.

Also forgot to add there was a service alert last night into this morning for Xbox One with social and gaming effected.