XBox, the Baskin Robbins of video game systems

Nintendo's Wii shop sound like it has a couple of cool concepts. But some of the cool concepts on Wii disks I tried sounded cool too, but execturion was poor, or controllers were broke.  But I didn't feel that bad with a disc game because I used Gamefly.

But with Downloads (for any service) you're asked to buy something you can't sell back.   If I've been having a poor batting average with every Wii game except for Nintnedo made ones, I wouldn't want to pay or downloads, knowing most would probablyh be whiffs.

Xbox did one ting smart with its Arcade and Indie Games.  The don't want you to waste your money on bad games.  That's why they offer a standard "free sample" of all Arcade and Indie games. It's part of the OS.

I want to try before I buy.  Do the easy levels convey the concept well?  Does the one or two hard level they package in the demo adequately challenge me?  Is it worth my money to go beyond the freebie, or is the freebie enough?

I consider myself a game gourmet. Just like a food gourmet tries new things and appreciates new experiences for what they are, I do that with games.  I wonder what the DOWNLOAD GAME sales sales are on the 360 compared to the PS3 and Wii.   And I'm talking either paid sales or free consumption for games that are given fully for free.

Sony and Wii don't offer free demos as a standard.   A few companies volunteer free samples, but 90% of the games are bought on blind faith.   I predict most of the games that top PS3 and Wii Download lists aretitlesyou know what you're getting based on a description and reputation (Mega Man 9 and 10) or are games that the game company offered free samples for.   I bet you Dollars to MS Points that there are bigger sales for arcade games with less rep, and even soem indie games than therearefor most Wii games with no rep nor freebie.

Keeping with the ice cream analogy, Xbox as more flavors and believe i giving you a taste spoon to see if you'd like a scoop.   Wii has a decent quantity of flavors, but most are sugar free ice cream WITHOUT artificial sweeteners    Xbox's Diet games (80 MSP games) have a taste spoon to see if you like it before you buy it.  The low price is the Splenda, it may be a little of compared to a full budget game, but when you find the one you want, it's almost as sweet and helps your budget.   Just wondering what big surprise game you would have probably overlooked if you couldn't try before you buy.  The most original game in that category is "Hidden in Plain Sight", a game that has to be played 2 players local. No CPU, no networking.  Add one friend and you have a unique experience.


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I like it that there are demos for all arcade games. I think they would be crazy not to. I wish we could get a demo of all retail games too. I find more often than not, it's the bad games that don't have one.

I downloaded the Trine 2 demo and loved it instantly. If there wasn't a demo, I would never have bought it or knew about it.


The bad games don't have demo's for a reason, if people play a bad game even in trial form then they are less likely to buy it, so only big games that developers and publishers think will sell even better with a demo will receive one. Additionally taking part of the team away to polish up one section of the game for demo, may seem like a bit of a waste.

Any retail game for any system you can demo. It's called Blockbuster, or Gamefly.   Arcade games you can't rent to see if you like.   And the fact PSN adn Wii Shop doesn't offer it standard makes it even flakier.   You have to buy a download game on blind faith.  And if you don't tike,you can't sell it.  At least bad disc purchases can be sold for something.  Which brings up the Used game controversy. You can't rent it.  You can't borrow it.  You can't even try it because you can't rent it at Blockbuster or Gamefly.   I predict retail game sales will go down for all systems that adopt this.   If there's no choice, enough people will only use the download game services where they offer free trials, where the phenominal "#1 in all media days" of Dreamcast (beast out Phantom Menace) and Halo 3 (All time #1 media product or a while) days is over.

Does anyone have the stats of which of the 3 console download games is most popular and by what margin?  Is it true the

."free samples standard" model sells more games? (in aggregate, not necessarily individual titles.  But maybe even so because people feel more free to try and would buy surprise titles)  I assume the average Indie title sells more than the average WiiWare or PSN game that's both demo-free and not obvious what the game is like. Also a lot of indie titles show 100 rank.  That's 100 people who either loved or hated enough where they want to comment.   I wonder what sales figures are on Arcde, Indie, PSN, and WiiWare download games are.   Let's see if the "free samples" model brings in more sales.  Anecdotally, it does for me.  I don't want to touch WiiWare or PSN unless I have a god idea what it's like.  I experiment more with Xbox, and when I'm pleasantly surprised, I buy.