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Do any of you kind folk have the number for xbox support?


My xbox one wont read forza 5 and ryse since yesterday evening, had them running after trying many many times to get them to load, but its like this each time. Oddly enough tomb raider, mgs, DR3, cod and AC4 load up. The games in questiion are installled, well kept, clean and no scratches. Cant understand it, can put it down to the discs, other games work so why not these two.

Thanks in advance


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Meant cant put it down to the discs lol

Call us directly:

•Monday-Friday: 09:00-21:00

•Saturday: 10:00-18:00

•Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Phone numbers

•020 7365 9792 or 0800 587 1102

•Hearing Impaired (TTY device): 0800 5871103

Please note that if you call us using a mobile phone, there may be additional charges from your service provider. Please contact your service provider for more information.

Thank you, much obliged

Spoke to support who were unable to get to the bottom of the issue, i am thing it may be something to do with the preview updates i signed up for since it started the update whilst i was on forza now it wont load coincidence?

Can any one point me in the direction of the preview forums so i can raise it there, cant find it.

if you have access that is.

thanks mate much appreciated, seems to be as i thought above, just have to wait on a fix

My console wouldn't accept that Titanfall was is the drive last night.

Bit of a bum twitch moment to say the least!

(Its fine now. Phew!)

had a similar problem with call of duty, i was told to clear blu ray cache 3 times and then do hard restart and it all worked fine after that.

Yeah I had the same issue just once too. Put in titanfall last night and nothing. I sat there for a few minutes...scared to try the process again lol! Works fine for me too now.