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I really didn't want to type this all up but on the small chance of my issue being resolved quicker... here goes.

I love Xbox. I've been a player for over a decade and a total advocate for this brand. This is why it is quite frustrating to me when i am on the end of some shabby service.

I lined up at midnight to collect my pre-ordered Xbox One Day One console. I came to discover that my day one controller had a faulty trigger so i started a service request on to get it replaced. I entered all my details and was sent an email with instructions to ship the faulty controller away (service request #1224884986). These instructions included how to pack and ship back to Microsoft for free:

Ship us the Product

Send the non-working Xbox product to our service center using Australia Post for free shipping. 

Keep the tracking number for reference.

I followed the instructions, packed up the box and went to Australia Post on November 28 to ship off the controller. Australia Post said they could not send this for free as i did not have a reply paid address or some kind of barcode with free shipping information (not provided in the instructions). I reluctantly then paid to ship the controller away in the interest of expediency. 

I phoned xbox support that night with my service request number to tell them that I had to pay for shipping and I would like to be somehow compensated for this. They agreed that someone would phone me back "within a few days". I was not contacted.

I received back in the mail a new controller (not day one) to replace the faulty day one.. i assumed this would happen so fine.

On December 12 i began an online chat with Arthur who apologised "for the long time frame that you have to wait to have a resolution for this". He made a new service request number - 1226976274 and was told he "successfully escalated it and I modified the status of the case that will surely make our Advocacy Team contact you within 2 days via email preferably" and "I am putting my reputation on this to assure that they will contact you to put a resolution on your issue".  I was not contacted.

On December 16 i began an online chat with Rex C. I was told it was "currently been handled by our level 3 of support" and "it has been escalated to our highest level of support" and "apologized if they have not reached out yet. They are currently reviewing the request now. Please allow 24 hour turn around time regarding your refund request." Again, I was not contacted.

On December 17 i began an online chat with Jake asking for an update. He told me "The given time frame for this to be completed is 7 days starting on the day of the process...expect an email message confirming that the refund has been successfully done tomorrow" Why then was I told 2 days on the first instance? and that time had certainly lapsed since the request began on the 28 November. "I can guarantee you that you'll be refunded on this matter. We got your back on this case. The whole Microsoft team. Let me assure you once again that I will be the last chat agent to settle this." Yet again, I was not contacted.

On December 19 i began an online chat with Yuki who passed on the request to the phone support team to call me. They called within a minute (not sure of rep name) and immediately asked for my phone number to ring me back "in case we get disconnected" which i provided. I then gave him the details of the service request, he then put me on hold and then the phone call was disconnected after about a minute. He did not phone back.

I waited an hour then i opened a new chat with a rep named Jerome. He told me "our Advocacy team are working on it for the finalization as we chat right now" i was told it was very possible the job would be completed in the next few minutes.. then was told "rest assured that you'll be notified by us within today or 24 hours" This did not occur.

I waited another day or so and decided to again phone the xbox support team. I asked to be put through to a manager who identified that I was clearly having a bad time with them, but was essentially powerless to directly talk to the advocacy team or to resolve the issue himself. He told me someone would contact me within 24-48 hours. This did not occur.

On December 26 i was sent an email from Charisse from the Customer Advocacy Team who told me they "are unable to refund the shipping fee when accessories are shipped to us." I was then offered a 3 month xbox live code (I was guaranteed a refund and I already have 12 months subscription on my console so not really helpful!). I would have been happy with a credit on the xbox marketplace (which i suggested to try and expididite things). I replied same day to ask for an alternate offer.

I was contacted on December 29 by Jack from the Advocacy team asking me for photos of 1. my xbox one purchase receipt 2. the console box and 3. the serial number on the console. I provided these photos the following day (now a week ago). I have had no reply back.

Today I opened an online chat and was told that I should expect a response after 7 working days. This whole interaction has been a complete joke and a total waste of my time (i estimate 5 or 6 hours of being on the phone or online chats).  I've been promised time and time, and time again that someone would contact me within X amount of time.. and not once has that occurred. This has now been going on for 5 weeks. I make this post in the hopes that 1. my issue will be resolved and 2. support teams can be trained on giving realistic expectations to customers so they dont make promises they can't keep.

If you made it through the whole post thanks for reading my whinge. I really don't like doing this but hopefully this feedback can improve the experience for others.




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Unfortunately, I'm in a similar situation. After losing a 3 hour battle to get an advanced exchange for my day one controller, I mailed it in on November 24th. Two weeks later, I called MS support to see where they're at in the process; no update, however, they did say they would call me back for a follow up to see if everything is ok - no phone call ever. A week later I called to see what's up and they told me the service order was cancelled, but didn't know why. They escalated the case to Advocacy and said to wait a week for them to contact me. A week later no contact and I called in, they told me to wait a week and they would follow up with me - never did they follow up. I called back yesterday to see what's up and they said nothing yet. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they put me through to one. That guy told me he would personally look into this and speak to some "Ranger" and find my controller and get one shipped out ASAP, but it would take probably a week. And here I am, no controller, no reinsurance, nothing. All of this would have been avoided if I could've got the advance exchange like I wanted in the first place.

I'm having exact same problem but with the console itself. First one had a faulty hdmi connection, I done the advance exchange and had a replacement sent(great service very quick and eficient) then the fun started, the exchange units hdd whines very loudly and constantly when powered on. 3 weeks later 6 phone calls, 3 online chats 1 manager and I'm still only being told that I have to wait 4 days for the advocate team to e-mail me. It will soon be more than 1 month since the first complaint. I did not spend £450 on a console that does not do what it's supposed to. Angry is an understatement at this point. The case number is #1235032795 so if anyone from this anonymous advocate team does happen to see this then CONTACT ME.

Just an opinion, please make the service repair transaction fast and quick. Especially the issuance of shipment label. Common complain from most of the customers. This must be given so much attention for customer's sake. Thank you. My suggestion is all for good for the customers and the Microsoft.

No one from microsoft will ever see your posts here.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I know this thread is old, but this post this belongs in Xbox support.  

Indeed, after six months, no need to rehash issues.....

Just because someone gives an opinion on an old topic....  That does not warrent another comment about being seen....  Best to let it go IMO...  Live and learn.

I'm having a similar issue!! They do not respond by chat, by phone, nor by email. My kinects, still under warrantee, has broken down for the second time in the 4 months since we purchased the new xboxone for our grandson. Put in the service order request about 3 weeks ago. The support just shows "Order in Progress" but no email confirmation with shipping instructions!! They don't answer or return my calls, they don't answer chat requests, nor emails!! I guess once they get your money they don't care. They rank at the top for crappy service.