Xbox Support is a joke!

I bought an Xbox One on launch day here in Italy, and after a few days I purchased an Xbox Live Gold Membership. So far so good... until I realized that I got charged 3 times for 3 years of membership. I called the Support service saying that I wanted a refund for the 2 extra years and the nice lady on the phone told me to wait a few days so that they could check the problem. After 1 week she called me and told me that they cancelled my 3 years subscription to the service, refunded my credit card for 2 years and issued a pre-paid code for the remaining 1 year. The moment I tried to redeem the code I got an error and couldn't purchase the membership. I called them back to make them aware of this and I had to wait another 10 days before they  finally decided to refund also the last year I paid for, so that I could purchase the membership using my credit card. Problem is that since that day (it was December the 16th) something happened to my account and I cannot buy the Xbox Live Membership no matter how I pay! Be it one of my credit cards, or Paypal, or even pre-paid codes, I always get some error message and I cannot finalize my purchase. I haven't been able to play online with my friends during the Christmas Holiday, and to this day I contacted them 20 times to see what the problem is and the best thing they could come up with is that my billing address must be wrong (!!!). Now they don't even reply to my emails anymore, and the chat service you get through the Xbox Website is really useless (as the problem is being investigated by the geniuses of the Advocacy Team - yeah you guessed it, it's the same people who suggested my billing address was wrong)

I have never dealt with such incompetent people, 1 month to solve an issue they must have created is totally unacceptable. I'll keep you posted to see how and when my problem is solved. I wish you all to never encounter such problems (or "support" service).


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