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I've purchased FIFA 14, Forza 5 and Titanfall on my Xbox from the Xbox Store, so they're digital copies. If I sold my xbox would those games be on the Xbox for the person I sold my Xbox to?


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If that Xbox remains your "home console" then yes but that would also mean them having access to all your personal information.

Well it wouldn't be my home console cos I would of sold it to somebody else with their own gamertag

Gamertag and Home Console are two different things. Your gamertag can be logged on somewhere else other than your console and any console can be your Home Console even without your gamertag logged in.

Basically no, you still have the digital games, follows your profile, so if you sell the xbox, you still own the games, and they cant play it unless they want to keep your profile as home, which would not do as they want thiers to be home.

That was a rubbish explanation, but the simple answer is no, you cant sell digital copies...yet at least.

I would highly recommend deleting everything from the console before you sell it (but keep your saves in the Cloud). This way, if and when you get a new console, you simply designate that as your new home console and re-download everything.

No different then selling a cell phone or a computer..... wipe it clean before sale....