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Ok I'm on virgin media with 60mb down and 3mb up and on the dashboard it says latency 159ms now is this good or bad

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Latency seems a bit high. Download speeds are good and upload speeds are decent.

I think it's because when you run the test it bounces ( probably a better way to describe it lol ) off a server in America so us in Europe get high latency ...

Usually though the lower the latency number the better, when I last tested from the Xbox Dashboard mine was around 140ms, if I run a speed test from my laptop it's only 5ms which is ALOT better lol

Yh my pong is always 20ms or lower

Ping. Stupid iPad

When we had a BT engineer last visit to sort out a problem, he told me anything below 50ms should be ok for gaming etc.

Makes me wonder how we are affected playing online on Xbox with such a high latency? maybe we are not but it has made me wonder in the past.

I to was wandering about this. I get 211ms.

Upload seems really low and the ping is too high. My advertised Verizon Fios speed is 75 down and 35 up, I get about 85 up and 35 down with a ping of 20ms on Ethernet.

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when you ping your internet connection... it pings your server... when the XB1 does it.. I believe it pings a MS server.... so your ISP should be lower (faster)

I have 90/50 with 9ms on PC and my 1 registers at 86ms 31/13