Xbox Scam

I've owned an Xbox since 2008, an Xbox Elite to be more exact. Not once have I kicked my xbox over, treated it badly or raged. I've tried my best to keep it in mint condition, but sometimes hardware breaks... but not after 3 years. After spending $500 alone on the console+warranty, I thought this thing would last and not just break down. Lets include all the games/accessories i bought... a total of $1000~.

While playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, i got some insane screen tearing, so like anyone else, i restarted my xbox... Except when it turned back on, there were no visuals... I could hear the sound of the xbox intro and the green lights on the front were glowing green like usual. Instantly i called xbox and told them about my issue and what am i told? "You can send it in and get it fix'd for $125." I'm a man of logic, so I almost thought it was offensive that i would be suggested to pay that much for technology pushing 10 years. "Oh blah blah blah, the xbox 360 came out in 2005, you're dumb" I'm referring to the technology inside... meaning the dual-core, DX9, 512mb ddr3, and how most games run at a 30 fps cap. I could go on and on about how horrible the technology is inside, but it wouldn't solve anything

My point is, why should I pay $125 for this out of date technology? Why isn't this a free service? Why should I pay when i didn't even break the console? The console killed itself, that's how horrible it is. The console is so bad, that it can't even handle a console port game running 30 fps. To top it all off, i was suggested to buy a new xbox and when i asked what was so good about it... he told me "It has wi-fi and a couple new features." Almost lost it at this point. The whole xbox idea is a scam... It's all rubbish. 

I was a dedicated fan like many of you, but when the thing you idolize stabs you in the back of the neck, you feel betrayal. It's absolutely 100% disgusting that they would even ask me to pay to repair it. I know this post won't do much in regards to fixing my xbox, even though i had no intention of it doing so... But I felt like it was necessary to point out my mishap and to inform others who might slip into my position. 

- Happydog1337


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I don`t think there are many manufactured products out there that carry a 3 year warranty.

anything you buy has only 12 months on it,why would an xbox be any different?

Because it's old technology... Maybe if this was top of the line and I broke... but come on... I wasn't even a serious gamer... I played here and there... But while i was playing zombies on Black Ops... the GPU fried. How is that my fault? That faulty hardware. That's their fault. The consoles death wasn't my doing, it was it's own. It committed suicide.

And you have the choice to also extend your warranty a lifetime warranty you will never get.

Oh and if your talking about black ops it runs at 60fps.

There is no lifetime warranty on Xbox's, you can just keep redoing it, but that's just another way for microsoft to milk you of your money.

In general for Electronic products you will never get a lifetime warranty. The most I've ever seen with these kind of electronics is 3 years. You have no argument their you console failed and was out of warranty you have the choice to fix it buy new or just not buy again. Most of what I read in your original post has no real meat. Your basically just moaning because your 360 died. Honestly so what, many of us have been in just the same position.

if i were you, i'd get a slim console.

I own a 2003 Honda Civic and they don't give me free oil changes.  What a scam.

It is an electronic.  Name one that gives you a longer warrenty than 12 months?  You can buy extened warrenty packs for short money. btw . . .


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