Xbox says i dont have xbox live but i do?!

About a month ago, i signed in to my xbox and i tried to go on cod aw but when i went to xbox live it took me to a page telling me to buy xbox live which is weird because my dad renews it every year and he renewed it only a month or two before?? So i bought a twelve month xbox live gold code thinking he had maybe only bought a months worth of xboxk live and i tried to enter it but it came up with a message saying i already had an xbox live membership!! so i thought it had somehow fixed it self so i tried to go on multiplayer and it once again took me to a page saying i had to buy xbox live!! I tried looking online and i tried everything from hard restarting my console to deleting and re-downloading my account but none of it was working! i didnt know what to do! i stopped using my xbox for a couple days and one day i went on and it asked me to enter the microsoft account email and password, so i did and it actually fixed the issue and i was able to play on xbox live again..! BUT!! about two or three weeks later i went on my xbox and it started saying i didnt have xbox live again.... please someone help me with a permanent fix for this?! Destiny: the taken king comes out in a week and i really want to be able to play it!

All help is appreciated thanks!!


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I would suggest you, your dad get together with the consle hooked up and ready for support to troubleshoot, and give xbox support a call.