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My xbox died because of the red lights, can someone guide me through the return process? I've had a look online and once I book it do I have to ring UPS to arrange pick up? How long has the price been £74.40, I thought it was £60?


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havnt got clue matey sorry had my xbox 4 years still going :)

To add to this do I put it in any box or do they have to send you a box first, cheers

You need to find yourself a box, then they will send you the shipping labels by email or through the post, depending on what you decide. (All of the instructions will come in an email).

You then stick the label on the xbox and UPS will come and collect it from your house and will bring it back after it has been repaired.

For 78 quid i'd rather buy a new one tbh.

thanks for that sonic scream

Did the price used to be £60 and now it has gone up or did that just not included the VAT?

ye prob gone up because vat maze well get new console mate

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thanks for that sonic scream



No worries mate.

But as the others have said, for that price, you might as well get a brand new console.

Im going to set it up so the UPS form is sent out to me , would love to buy new one unfortunately im having to save all the money I can at the moment , the refurbished model will come with a guarantee right?

I booked the repair  for my old white xbox through this site, paid £55, printed the rerurn tickets wrapped ithe xbox in bubble wrap, stuck the tickets on and dropped it at the nearest UPS. 10 days later a new machine!! Smashin!! Was 2008 though.