Xbox Resolution Issue. Halp!

okay so here's the deal... as much as i would prefer to be using an HDMI cable to hook up my xbox.. i can't.

i'm 22 years old.. i live at home with my parents.. and i play xbox on my computer monitor.. (it's the only way i guarantee that i'm able to play whenever i want to.)

I have an HP 20'' 1600x900 resolution monitor... and up until the new update everything's been working fine.  Xbox doesn't support a 1600x900 resolution so i settled for a lower one that still looked fine. 

Since the new update... the resolution i was using is now skewed and only displays half of the screen.
there are now no resolutions that scale correctly to my monitor and i can no longer play xbox... without it looking like complete and total ***.

is there any way to get my xbox into a 1600x900 resolution?

and if not.. can we turn this post into a petition to get microsoft to add one? 

:)   thanks guys.

    -Roast Beefy.. O Weefy.


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they will probably not add a 1600x900 resolution option because remember, the xbox 360's native output image is 720p (1280x720) so if your using that lower resolution (probably 1360x768) its still more than 720p and you wont be watching 1080p video unless you have a 1080p monitor.

The other pc resolutions (such as 1440x900 or 1680x1050) are for compatibility reasons for 16:10 monitors and since you already have a 16:9 ratio on your monitor (not calling you stupid, but 1600x900/100=16x9 (16:9) ), you don't need a separate 1600x900 resolution as it wont look any different than the native 720p image (upscaling barely makes a difference) and since it isnt 1080p, just settle for 1360x768 or get a 1080p TV/Monitor.

Sorry for the babble, but i hope you see the reason.

ALSO. if your screen is "skewed", use the auto adjust feature on your HP monitor to make it resize the image to the correct position. Its normal and has happened to me while i used a 1920x1200 monitor. The reason is that the VGA cable doesnt have a "sense" wire in the connector like HDMI does so its not considered "smart". doing this auto adjust should fix the skewing issue.

So, are you using VGA to connect your console to your monitor? My guess would be to disable Display Discovery and manually select an appropriate resolution.

Worst case scenario(s) would be to either wait until Microsoft fixes the issue or go out and get a new 20"+ monitor (think Boxing Day :D) that is 1080p (1920x1080).