Xbox Preview Program

Hello everyone, I've been made aware by xbox chat support that the only way for me to enter the preview program is to be invited by a friend and was therefore wondering if anybody would be kind enough to do so. My gamertag is: Stu4rt 98 and i would be more than grateful if you could invite me, thanks!


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Id love an invite too

GT: HamburgerPlss

Guys i can help with the xbox one preview programme add me and send pm

Hi mate, thank you so much I have added you, do you know about how long the process takes to become a member?

From whay i have been told its one to two days from peeps i have helped get in.

Ok thanks so much, if you wouldn't mind could you let me know when you send me the invite so I know when to expect to receive a response from Xbox, thanks!

Hey Flyboy, I've added you as a friend, sent you a pm and an xbox message lol, would love an invite to this please

Mt GT is PROPLUMB98 can someone invite me please

Hi there, I've sent you a fr and message. It would be greeat if you could add me.....cheers

I would be very grateful if you could invite me to the preview program. My GT is PLAZYMODO if you would like to help out a fellow hardcore gamer! :D thanks :D

I can add people in also GT - kingchristy123 shoot me a message and will work through them :)