Xbox preview program and everything wrong since.

Since I signed up for the preview program I have had nothing but troubles with my live account. The problems started back in April shortly after joining to the extent of being dropped in parties, losing connections, and constantly being signed out every time I change apps, games, or do anything besides staying on the main dashboard. This has been an ongoing problem since. I have made many requests for a fix meanwhile getting nothing change in the last 5 months. Plus when this program was offered as a special offer it was stated that there were going to be game previews as well as a bunch of other features that still to this date have never been acknowledged. One in particular is the preview channel that has had no use ever. I'm tired of all these games and supposed bug fixes that seem to slow down my system over doing anything else. I had 4 in August and now it takes almost a full minute to sign in and when you have to do it every app or game change it takes a lot of time up as well as being extremely annoying. So to those thinking of signing up for the preview program, Don't.


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I had no problems yet other then that German track on Forza 5 didn't load up cause of the preview app.  But I reported the bug at it was fixed in a week.  But yeah I had a friend that had troubles with his preview app.  Could of been bad download or corrupt data or something.  Maybe opt out.  Then delete and re-opt in?