Xbox Preorder - NEED ONE

Does anyone know of any place that has any preorders available.  I need to get one.  I def dropped the ball on this and shoulda looked into this a while ago.  Anyone think there will be a shortage for a while like when the 360 launched???


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lol, guess you can go line up in the non preorder line at Best Buy and hope you get one

I would hope they would have some more available before Xmas, but who knows. Your best chance right now is to try and wait in line on launch night.

Try Radio Shack    I know they sell the games.... and they do have a category Xbox ONE on their website

Go line up

Bestbuy stores said they will have minimum 20 consoles at all midnight launches for non preorders. And they'll have another 15 minimum at 8 am for non preorders

And major city stores have 250 non preorder midnight consoles

That's quite allot

Gamestop could have also extra ones on release day.

i just preordered mine two days ago from gamestop the guy said to me he cant guarantee day one paid in full my fingers are crossed

thanks guys.  i guess i will have to try my luck going into stores that morning or maybe wait in line at a local best buy.

You can go to GS, I preordered mine 2 weeks ago, 70% of X1 preorders cancel for ps4 preorders. Ask there, it doesn't hurt, if not people will probably cancel before launch if they score a ps4.