Xbox portable media player

When Apple came on the market Microsoft didn't respond in time, and the Zune sold badly, but Apple's success won't last

forever, and Microsoft has a golden chance by using the Xbox name to re-enter the market with a Zune device marketed

as Xbox, and updating all older Zune devices with Xbox Music and Xbox Video (or at-leat a version of it with less features).

A lot of people want the Zune back, and many loyal Zune fans will purchase an MP3/MP4 if it will integrate with their older

Zune's. Zune is now a part of Xbox, and as a part of such a successful brand, it could truly enter the market as a big player,

the iPod isn't the best media player, and like iPhones have iPod's in them, Windows Phone's have Zunes/Xbox Music +

Xbox Videos in them. This could highly boost both sales (xbox media to Windows phone and vice versa).

(this is my 2nd open letter to Microsoft with a similar name, also posted in this board)

¿Does anyone see the potential in a media player, as a cheap alternative to the Windows Phone, and a better variant of the Zune?


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100% agree. I don't like using my Lumia 1020 as a music device in the gym, since it's just too big. It looks silly on my arm and bounces around in my pocket. I want a small music player like an ipod, but one that is compatible with my xbox music subscription and isn't made by apple. There isn't such thing, so I purchased a sony Walkman and a Sony Unlimited Music Pass. Now I have a Sony Unlimited Music Pass and a Xbox Music Pass. I paid for a year subscription, but will likely cancel the Xbox Music Pass when the subscription expires in March 2014.